What services can my Early Interventionist help coordinate?

In a previous post we discussed that one part of Early Intervention is the coordination of services that fit the needs of your infant/toddler.

BabyNet (birth-3) offers 16 services that are provided free of charge regardless of your family income!  

BabyNet's 16 services include:

  • Hearing Services: Audiological exams, fitting a hearing device, etc.
  • Vision Services: Vision screenings, prescribing glasses, etc.
  • Speech Services: Speech Evaluations & Speech Therapy
  • Nursing Services: Tube feeding or bandage changing
  • Health Services: Giving prescribed shots at home.
  • Nutrition Services: Special diets.
  • Family Training: Teaching family/caregiver effective strategies for meeting developmental outcomes.
  • Physical Therapy: Gross Motor Skills, Physical Therapy Evaluations & Physical Therapy
  • Evaluations: Genetics Testing, Checking for hearing loss, etc.
  • Occupational Therapy: Fine Motor Skills, Occupational Therapy Evaluations & Occupational Therapy
  • Support Groups: Parents getting together (Family Connections)
  • Social Work Services: Family counseling
  • Transportation: Free transportation to BabyNet funded services.
  • Special Instruction: Teaching sign language to a mother.
  • Psychological Services: Information about child behavior.
  • Service Coordination (case management): Making a plan (IFSP) to pull services together for the family.

If you feel that your child would benefit from any of the listed services, please speak with your Early Interventionist! They would love to discuss and help get you connected to appropriate services.

If you do not have Early Intervention services, but feel your child requires one of the aforementioned services, feel free to give us a call and we can help refer your child to BabyNet.