How to Refer Your Child

  • If your child is under three, and you believe he or she is developing or learning slowly, call BabyNet at 1-877-621-0865. BabyNet is an educational program administered by FirstSteps, that helps an infant or toddler with special needs move toward his/her full potential.  Children who meet eligibility criteria are served regardless of family income. Once eligible, and depending upon the needs of the child, he/she may be transferred to a DDSN provider for the delivery of Family Training (Special Instruction) and Service Coordination. Tiny Feet is one of the available providers for Greenville and Pickens counties. If you feel we are a good fit for you, please request us!
  • If your child is over the age of 3 years,  please call DDSN Eligibility at 1-800-289-7012. DDSN referrals are a bit different from BabyNet referrals. Whether you request DDSN services online or by phone, you will be contacted by staff of the "DDSN Eligibility Divisions for Medicaid Outreach." They will offer you choice of an Intake provider and refer you to your chosen provider. Tiny Feet Early Intervention is on the list of Intake providers for Greenville & Pickens County. We would love to come alongside you, helping make the Intake process seamless for you and your family! 
  • Want to complete your referral for DDSN online? Follow this link!