Our Services

At Tiny Feet, we equip parents of infants and toddlers with developmental delays or special needs with research-based strategies and professional services to effectively help children reach developmental milestones.

We do this through Intake Services and Early Intervention Services.

All services are free to you and your family!

What is Intake? As an Intake Service provider, Tiny Feet helps families complete initial paperwork prior to the initial assessment where eligibility for Early Intervention services is determined. We are looking forward to coming along side you and helping your family through the intake process!

What is Early Intervention? A service for infants and toddlers who have special needs or developmental delays. There are two pieces that make up Early Intervention- Special Instruction and Service Coordination.

  • Special Instruction: Weekly  teaching time that addresses parent/caregiver concerns. We come to your home  to provide research-based strategies that you can use with your child throughout the remainder of the week. 

  • Service Coordination: Your Early Interventionist will help connect you and your family with services that address your concerns and needs. Some examples include Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Autism testing, ABA Therapy, genetics testing, applying for Medicaid or Social Security, or any other service that fits your needs. We are more than happy to come alongside you, teach you what is available, inform you on how to access, and assist in each step of the way.

Our Services Are:

Family Centered. We understand that YOU are the expert on your child.

  • Who decides what services your child participates in? You do! You have the right to decline any service or provider at any time without forfeiting any of the other services your child receives.
  • All goals, activities, and services are based on your concerns and input.

Provided in the “Natural Environment”

  • You don’t have to go anywhere! We come right to your home to provide services!
  • We can also provide services anywhere else a child would normally go- day care, library, park, etc.


  • All services are provided at no cost to you or your family!
  • This is a part of the federal legislation, IDEA, which requires for a "Free Appropriate Education" (FAPE)


  • We are teachers, & the IFSP is an education record (not medical).  The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that mandates all states must provide children with disabilities free and appropriate education. This is the same law that funds Special Education in the school district.


We are a company who loves families. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

Tiny Feet Early Intervention is a contracted provider through South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. All services are free to you and your family.