Welcome to The Blog at Tiny Feet Early Intervention! Our goal is for this to be a candid resource for you! This is where we can talk to you as if we were having a play date at the park. My hope is that this blog will be a friendly and easy to read source of information. Some topics we will cover include -

  • Early Intervention as a program/service
  • Interventions you can use
  • Programs that are available
  • The latest research

Please join us on this journey and share with others! 

How often will we be blogging? As a kick off to our company, we will be sharing a blog daily through our GRAND OPENING!

When I speak with most people about Early Intervention, they look at me a bit confused and ask, "What is Early Intervention?" My hope is that after a few blog posts, all of your "What" questions will be answered! After our grand opening, we will be releasing blog posts weekly.

If you have ideas for a blog post or questions you'd like to be answered through The Blog, please comment!