How do I get Early Intervention services?

We've been discussing what Early Intervention is and how infants/children can qualify. The next logical question is, What do I do? Our discussion today is all about making the referral and what comes next for families residing in South Carolina!

  1. Making the Referral- The first step is to actually make a referral. Anyone can make a referral- parents, doctors, teachers, Early Interventionists, etc. Who to call depends on the age of your child:
    • Birth - 3: These children are referred to BabyNet. The telephone number is 1-877-621-0865. You will also complete a Referral Form.
    • Ages 3 - 6: Older children are referred to DDSN (Department of Disabilities and Special Needs). You will soon have two choices for making your referral- by phone or online! The toll free screening for those who prefer to call is 1-800-289-7012. The online "Request for Services" is expected to be made available in early December. We will announce when it is made available! DDSN referrals are a bit different from BabyNet referrals. Whether you request DDSN services online or by phone, you will be contacted by staff of the "DDSN Eligibility Divisions for Medicaid Outreach." They will offer you choice of an Intake provider and refer you to your chosen provider. Tiny Feet Early Intervention is on the list of Intake providers for Greenville & Pickens County. We would love to come alongside you, helping make the Intake process seamless for you and your family!
  2. Once BabyNet receives your referral,  they will contact the parent/caregiver to schedule an Intake/Orientation meeting. In addition, they will briefly describe BabyNet's services.
  3. At Orientation & Intake, you will complete initial paperwork, including consents & releases of information to help get a full picture of your child's development. For children with a suspected developmental delay, a screening will be completed. If your child already has a diagnosis , this screening may not be necessary.
  4. If the the screening shows developmental concerns, the child will receive a multidisciplinary evaluation in order to determine initial eligibility that is consistent with South Carolina's definition of "infants and toddlers with disabilities." BabyNet works with local Evaluation & Assessment teams to complete this step.
  5. You (the parent/caregiver) will be notified within 2 days of your child's eligibility status. At this time, and if your child qualifies, you will be given a booklet of providers for Early Intervention in your area. You will select your provider who will get in touch to schedule your first visit!

We would love if you pick Tiny Feet Early Intervention!